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The Bare Bones Poetry Webzine

No frills , just GOOD poetry

Was Jesus born on Dec 25?
What does WD40 stand for?
Learn this and much more while having fun... right here!

ShoeString Mission :

We make no bones about it ...

ShoeString Poetry is out to prove
that the Poem is mightier than the dollar

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The Birth Of ShoeString

ShoeString Poetry came to be at a company picnic.

My friends and colleagues were in disagreement
with my opinion that , writers write for the love
of writing , not for any money or acclaim.

The discussion rose to such a pitch that I blurted
out , " Fine , I'll prove it to you! "
When I told them how I planned to do this , they
laughed in my face and said , " You're a hopeless
romantic , and that little project is doomed! "

So there , in a nutshell , you have it. That's why
ShoeString is staring you in the face right now.

With YOUR help , ShoeString Poetry can prove these
jaded individuals wrong , and have the last laugh.


Mr. John Sweet (issue 2) has two new editions;
First, at 11:50 a.m. 12/28/02, the birth of his
second son!
Also, a new book... "Human Cathedrals", Ravenna
Press, is hot off the presses.
For those of you familiar with John's work you'll
no doubt want more info. You can get it here...